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Monday, August 24, 2009

Watch Private Practice Episode - Countdown to Fall

Getting to the question that has been on every fan’s mind since the moment last season’s credits rolled — Yes, Violet is alive. Picking up a mere twenty minutes after what turned out to be last Spring’s most buzzed about season finale, actress Amy Brennenman (Violet) promises that, “You’re going to see me again.” Yet the question remains, in what condition? Teased PRIVATE PRACTICE creator Shonda Rhimes on this TV Addict’s recent visit to the set, “Obviously Amy is here on set. But the interesting thing is how she lives and whether or not there will be a baby.” ‘Whether or not there will be a baby?’ WhatchutalkinboutShonda! Unfortunately Rhimes, a notorious spoilerphobe isn’t talking — and we should add — has the uncanny ability for saying a lot without saying, well absolutely anything. Thankfully, what she will confirm is that what happened to Violet, in addition to Addison’s choice to walk away from Noah and Naomi’s decision to leave the Practice are going to reverberate for a while. And, rest assured, things won’t be all doom and gloom at Oceanside Wellness. “Last season there was a synthesis of both the dark and light stories that we were really happy with,” reassures co-executive producer Betsey Beers. “And we certainly want to restore that sense of balance that these characters are neurotic and can have fun.” Hey, we’re up for anything as long as it doesn’t involve a talking elevator. Shot back Rhimes, “I liked it, but we were the only ones.” Amen sister!

PRIVATE PRACTICE returns on Thursday October 1st on ABC at 10PM ['A' in Canada]

Source: thetvaddict

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