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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Watch Private Practice Episode - Yours,Mine and Ours soundtrack

Title: Birdhouse In Your Soul
Performer: They Might Be Giants
Label: Elektra

William startles Naomi. They will talk later. Charlotte tries to talk to Cooper but Violet buzzes. Everyone gathers. It's a false alarm.


Performer: Zee Avi
Label: Brushfire

Addison has an awkward scene with Morgan and Noah. Violet tells Pete she wants to 51/50 Katie. Pete and Sheldon advise her to wait. William wants Naomi to run PWC. Charlotte sees their meeting. Cooper has not shown up to stalk with her.


Title: Breathless
Performer: Miranda Lee Richards
Label: Nettwerk

Violet and Naomi talk to Amelia about her options. Violet and Pete are in love. Dell tries to accept responsibility for the switch then tells Naomi and Sam he needs money to pay Heather off. Sam loses it and tells Naomi he still loves her. Katie shows up.


Title: Angeles
Performer: Elliott Smith
Label: Kill Rock Stars

Sheldon asks Pete if he's heard from Violet. He goes away deflated knowing she chose Pete. Naomi tells Sam she's leaving the practice. Cooper approaches the front door and his phone rings. Charlotte says she needs him and he leaves to be with her.


Title: Say Hello
Performer: Rosie Thomas
Label: Sing-A-Long Records

Violet tries to call out but Katie muffles her. There is nothing to stop her.

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